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Inside Susan の歌詞

芸術家(アーティスト) Pulp

Susan catches the bus into town at ten-thirty a.m. she sits on the back seat. she looks at
The man in front’s head and thinks how his fat wrinkled neck is like a large carrot
Sticking out from the collar of his shirt. she adds up the numbers on her bus ticket to
See if they make twenty-one, but they don’t. maybe she shouldn’t bother going to school at
All, then. her friends will be in the yard with their arms folded on their chests,
Shielding their breasts to try and make them look bigger, whilst the boys will be too busy
Playing football to notice. the bus is waiting on the high street when suddenly it begins
To rain torrentially and it sounds like someone has emptied about a million packets of
Dried peas on top of the roof of the bus. ’what if it just keeps raining,’ she
Thinks to herself, ’and it was just like being in an aquarium except it was all the
Shoppers and office-workers that were floating passed the window instead of fish? ’
She’s still thinking about this when the bus goes passed caroline lee’s house where there
Was a party last week. there were some german exchange students there who were very
Mature they all ended up jumping out of the bedroom window. one of them tried to get her
To kiss him on the stairs, so she kicked him. later she was sick because she drunk too
Much cider. caroline was drunk as well she was pretending she was married to a tall boy
In glasses, and she had to wear a polo-neck for three days afterwards to cover up the
Love-bite on her neck. by now the bus is going passed the market. outside is a man who
Spends all day forcing felt-tip pens into people’s hands and then trying to make them pay
For them. she used to work in the pet shop, but she got sacked for talking to boys when
She was supposed to be working. she wasn’t too bothered though, she hated the smell of the
Rabbits anyway. ’maybe this bus won’t stop,’ she thinks, ’and I’ll stay on
It until I’m old enough to go into pubs on my own. or it could drive me to a town where
People with black hair drink special brew and I can make lots of money by charging fat old
Men five pounds a time to look up my skirt. oh, they’ll be queuing up to take me out to
Dinner...’ I suppose you think she’s just a silly girl with stupid ideas, but i
Remember her in those days. they talk about people with a fire within and all that stuff,
Well, she had that alright. it’s just that no-one dared to jump into her fire they would
Have been consumed. instead, they put her in a corner and let her heat up the room,
Warming their hands and backsides in front of her, and then slagging her off around town.
No-one ever really got inside susan, and, and, she always ended up getting off the bus at
The terminus and then walking home.


スーザンの中 の歌詞 (Inside Susan の歌詞和訳)

スーザンは、10-30 の町にバスをキャッチ午前彼女は後部座席に座っています。彼女を見ています。
彼らが作るかを参照してください 21, しかし、彼らはしないでください。多分彼女は気にならない学校に行く
Torrentially 雨が降り、誰かのパケットを約 100 万を空にしているように聞こえる
乾燥エンドウ豆、バスの屋根の上に。''どのような場合それはちょうど雨続け、'' 彼女は
自身に考えている ''、それはちょうどすべてした以外は水族館でいるようだったが
成熟した彼らはすべての寝室の窓の外をジャンプ アップ終了しました。彼女を取得しようとすると、それらの 1 つ
ガラスと彼女の後をカバーするために 3 日間のタートルネックを着用していた、
人々 の手にペンを強制しようとしてそれらを支払うことのすべての日を費やしています。
彼らのために。彼女はペット ショップでは、作業するために使用が、彼女は男の子を話すために解雇したとき
とにかくウサギします。''たぶんこのバス停止しません、'' 彼女は考えている、'' と私が滞在されます
黒い髪を持つ人々 を飲む特別な醸造と私は古い脂肪を充電することによってたくさんのお金を作ることができます。
男性 5 ポンドを私のスカートを見て時間。ああ、彼らに私を取るをキューするよ
... 夕食 ''私は彼女は愚かな少女で愚かなアイデアが、私はちょうどだと思うと仮定します。
彼女は当時覚えています。彼らは火の中、すべてのものを持つ人々 についての話、
彼らの手と、彼女の前で尻を温暖化と彼女達が町の周り、スラッギング オフ。

注: 歌詞すべては所有者の特性そして版権である。歌詞は教育の目的のみで掲載されています。


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