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The Professional の歌詞

芸術家(アーティスト) Pulp

Oh I’m back in the full effect / I can’t even hold myself erect / I got nothing that i
Wanna say / I’m gonna say it anyway / I know you think that I’ve lost it, baby / I know
You think that my star is fading / used to be a contender / now you’re just a pretender /
Psychic karaoke every weekend / you don’t fit those clothes anymore / why don’t you take
Them back to the charity store / while you’re there you could always hand yourself in /
You’re into green issues - start recycling / you hide behind your woman when you’re out in
Your town / show her up and blame her for holding you down / holding you down, holding you
Down / you’re the only one who’s holding you down / you’re only ever polite when you’re
Out of your box / cocker’s short for... sucker / sucker of... / oh, oh / la na na na / oh,
Oh / sucker of... / oh, oh / la na na na / oh, oh / when I got up today I had that feeling
Again / everything was ok, then the world started shaking / now I’m trying to sleep it
Away / oh but I can’t sleep it away / can you answer this question, can you answer it
Right: / have you ever done anything good in your life? / have you ever done anything that
Wasn’t just for yourself? / are you capable of giving? / are you capable of giving just
For the sake of it, without expecting anything in return? / I’m only trying to give you
What you’ve come to expect / just another song ’bout single mothers and s** / single
Mothers and s**, single mothers and s** / just another song ’bout single mothers and s** /
Ok, you’ve heard it before, it’s nothing special / but it’s a living, can’t you see / i’m
A professional / oh, oh / la na na na / oh, oh / I’m a professional / oh, oh / la na na na
/ oh, oh / sleep on my darling / sleep on, don’t wake as I leave / I’ve been rehearsing
This scene so long now / don’t interrupt me as I do it for real / the bedroom floor is
Treacherous / a teacup could be disastrous / ’cos it’ll mean I would have to say / what
Was written on the letter I posted yesterday / so that it would get here / when I was gone
/ and you awoke / oh, she’ll meet me from the train / and she’ll never know a thing /
About how I talk with my mouth full / and only bath once a week / how I’m nicer the first
Time you meet me than the next / and I’m rapidly losing interest in s** / yeah, i’m
Rapidly losing interest in s** / what’s the point in making it over-emotional? / you can
Do it the hard way / or you can be a professional / oh, oh / la na na na / oh, oh / I’m a
Professional / oh, oh / la na na na / oh, oh / sleep on my darling / sleep on my love /
Sleep on my darling / sleep on my love / sleep on my darling / sleep on my love / sleep on
My darling / sleep on my love


プロ の歌詞 (The Professional の歌詞和訳)

緑の問題にしている - リサイクル開始/あなたにしているときあなたの女性の背後にある非表示
ダウン/あなたを保持している 1 つだけしている/あなたがいるときのみ今まで丁寧です
あなた箱から出して/コッカーの短いプロパティエディター吸盤/吸盤の.../ああ、ああ/la na na na/ああ、
ああ/吸盤の.../ああ、ああ/la na na na/ああ、ああ/私が起きた今日はその気持ちがあった
再び/すべてが ok だったし、世界が揺れ始めた/今は睡眠しよう
あなたが来ているだけ/期待する別の曲 '' 試合シングル母親しセックス/シングル
母親とセックスは、単一の母親とセックス/ちょうど別の曲 '' 一続きの単一の母親とセックス/
プロ/ああ、ああ/la na na na/ああ、ああ/私はプロだ/ああ、ああ/la na na na
危険な/ティーカップは悲惨なことができる/'' cos を言わなければならないだろうことを意味します/何
どのように私は私の口をいっぱい話について/と週に 1 回のみバス/どのように私はよりよい最初の
それを行うは難しい方法/またはプロすることができます/ああ、ああ/la na na na/ああ、ああ/私は
プロフェッショナル/ああ、ああ/la na na na/ああ、ああ睡眠私の最愛の/睡眠私の愛/

注: 歌詞すべては所有者の特性そして版権である。歌詞は教育の目的のみで掲載されています。


Pulp の歌詞